Hi, I’m Peter Koechley.

I help organizations and individuals craft their stories and share them with the world.

How? It varies. I’m a writer, editor, producer, organizer, marketer, and entrepreneur. I generate ideas, clarify strategy, articulate core values and mission statements, draft video and podcast scripts, write speeches, ghostwrite books, optimize videos, advise on social media and social impact, help campaigns raise money, and introduce good people to each other.

I make lots of lists. I ask people to restate their goals. I strive to be a good listener.

Over the last two decades, I’ve learned what I know — and to a much greater extent, what I don’t know — by editing a satirical newspaper, co-creating a TV show, helping elect a president, making various things go viral, co-founding a media start-up, raising tens of millions of dollars, hiring hundreds of people, advising CEOs, parenting two children, and generally trying to make myself useful.

I’m always game to try something new. Reach out: Email. Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook.